1. What is the time duration involved in a single project?

Depending on the service the time duration variation, in the case of 360` Digital Marketing Service, it almost takes 3 months.

2. How long will it take for the SEO practices to reflect in the results?

A stable SEO campaign reflects its results within 6 months depending on the industry. We believe in strengthening the base of the brand through our methodology and then maintaining the reputation through our continuous efforts.

3. What is the estimated cost for various services being offered by you?

The capital depends on the vastness of the project, the nature of the company and the resources and technology it demands.

4. Can Cyber Ninza look after my entire digital marketing arena?

Cyber Ninza is a 360` digital marketing company and henceforth can look after all your requirements of digital marketing.

5. Is there any hidden cost for the services?

To us, the client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance and therefore we discuss all our costs, reports and progress in detail. In case of any changes, you’ll be duly informed.

6. What is digital marketing?

The use of digital platforms to advertise and inform about the products to your set of target audience is known as digital marketing. It has several facets such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing.

7. Do I need digital marketing for my business?

Yes! Yes! And a thousand times over yes. The reach of the digital medium is beyond one’s imagination and so you must take up digital marketing as your first choice for enhancing the reach of your product. Not doing it might be the wrong decision.

8. On which social media platforms should I mark my presence?

Depending on your demographic location, a company should be active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. They should also be posting content regularly to keep in touch with their potential buyers/customers. The idea behind this is to make your brand more permeable to the customer’s sphere.

9. Is the blog necessary for digital marketing?

Yes, the blogs are not only an easy way to pass on the information to your customers but it also is a great way to establish domain authority selected keywords related to your domain. The blogs basically narrow down the communication gap between the brand and the user.

10. Does social media marketing vary for a B2B or a B2C company?

For a B2C company, the content and marketing are done keeping in mind the taste of the user. Here lucid content is published to give the user an idea about the product or service while in a B2B company the content is more technical and talks about the specification of the business so as to explain the nuances of services being offered.

11. Should one use Google+ for marketing?

In the sphere of marketing Google+ was an important tool but with the time being the recognition of the platform has decreased, so it’s not a great idea to invest your time and efforts at Google+ anymore.

12. Isn’t digital marketing a one-time affair?

No, digital marketing is not a one-time business as inconsistency in posting content can devalue your credibility. Once your brand is established, you need to maintain a constant connection with your users.

13. Is Email marketing still effective?

Yes, irrespective of the creative content which goes out in the form of posts and creatives, emailers are one of the profound ways to introduce a business. It gives a piece of holistic information about the product and caters to the immediate need of the introducer.

14. What is the best time to send out emailers?

The best time for the emailers varies a targeted group of audience. But this is not an area for you to worry, our social media managers will take care of this. Analyzing the time frame which can give us the best results is something that our social media guys are a pro at.

15. How important is a content strategy in this business?

Content strategy is one of the most crucial aspects of the business. It not only involves writing fresh content but also encapsulates the facet of marketing it and ensuring that it reaches the right set of audience.

16. Should I share my content on social media?

Enhancing the reach of the content has been the focal point of social media marketing. The content is of no use if it does not reaches to the right set of audience. Sharing your content will increase its visibility and attract more users to your site.

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